You-Pick Berry Fields

Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm continues to offer fresh berry fruits for picking from the fields when in season. The harvest season is heavily weather dependent. The 2017 blackberry-picking season began on Wednesday, May 31. Berry-picking occurs on Monday through Thursday and Saturday, from 8 am to 11 am. The berry field is closed every Friday and Sunday.

Look at the chart below to familiarize the in-season times for various berries here in Coastal Georgia. It is always wise to call 921-5460 to learn the status of the field prior to arriving, as cool weather, large crowds or deer may pick the field clean well before the 11 am scheduled closing. The best time to pick is first thing in the morning at 8-9 am (as it is cooler, too). We accept cash and credit card (debit cards as well if they have a major credit card symbol on them). We no longer accept personal checks at the berry-picking pavilion cashier's counter.

Absolutely no pets allowed in the fruit picking fields during your harvest and no tobacco products indoors or outdoors at CGBG. Children must be supervised and conduct themselves respectfully within the berry field. You are responsible to pay for all fruits (ripe or unripe) picked during a visit. There is no public access to fields once the day's picking hours have ended. No trespassing. Persons wishing to visit the gardens MUST pay admission and access the gardens through the Visitor Center.

Fruit Season Time Pricing Active Season
Strawberries early April - May$2.50/lb. season ended
Blackberries late May-July 1 $3.00/lb. began May 31

CGBG does NOT offer a picking service. Staff cannot harvest fruits for the benefit of individuals for later pick-up or delivery.


Public fishing is not permitted at the lakes on the CGBG property. You are welcome, however, to drop bread crumbs to the fish at the deck at the Lakeside Pavilion -- a tradition many families have done for years. If a private event is taking place at the Pavilion, please do not disrupt the gathering.

Plants for Sale

As of July 2015, we have suspended sale of bamboo plants until further notice. Our staff is currently focusing on garden expansions across the property. Here is a link listed other bamboo suppliers in the region that may fulfill your current live plant needs: Bamboo Suppliers in the Southeast (list)

Bamboo Poles/Canes

Because of our current priority of implementing new garden areas and their maintenance, we have suspended sale of bamboo poles until further notice.

Soil Testing and Soil Samples

Soil samples (along with payment) from Chatham County residents may be dropped off at the Garden Gift Shop at CGBG's Andrews Visitor & Education Center during regular operating hours ONLY (M - F 8 am to 5 pm, Sat 10 am to 5 pm, Sunday 12 to 5 pm). Residents of other coastal counties are encouraged to drop off their soil samples at designated drop-off locales in their home counties and not at CGBG.

All samples brought to CGBG will be processed through the Chatham County Extension Service.

About 1 to 1.5 cups of soil is all that is needed per sample. In Chatham County, the cost for a soil analysis on each sample bag is now $6.00. Pay in cash or make checks out to "Chatham County Extension." No credit/debit cards may be used for soil samples. You may also submit your soil samples directly to Chatham County Extension Office, which is located at 17 Minus Ave Garden City, GA 31408.

Click here to find your local Georgia County Extension Office
Click here to find your local South Carolina County Extension Office

Useful Web Links

Bamboo Suppliers in the Southeast (list)

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(Click on "Savannah" for the weather station at Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens)